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Ben Kamino

Performance Event

2004 - present

Bain St. Michhel, Montreal


Piss in the Pool is a project whose purpose is to give choreographers an opportunity to create and present
site specific work. This innovative event moves dance out of the conventional theatre space and throws it into
the Bain St. Michel: an empty, indoor pool located in the heart of the Plateau Montreal.

Using their surroundings as inspiration, choreographers have 3 weeks to adapt their unique visions to the unconventional space that is the Bain St. Michel. At the end of the working period these works are presented in 3 evenings of dance open to the public. Choreographers are erncouraged to sit the public anywhere in the pool space  (in the deep end/ shallow end / around the edges of the pool etc...) The audience has fun moving between the pieces, getting a fresh view of the space each time.
The purpose is to give distinct choreographic voices a chance to be heard, and to challenge the notion that contemporary dance is heavy and abstract by creating an atmosphere which is fun and unpretentious.

version française

Dana Michel

Genevieve C. Ferron

Sasha Kleinplatz

Leanne Dyer

Shannon Gillen

Nicolas Cantin / Peter James

Audree Juteau

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