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NVA and the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV collaborate for the first time to present a music, light and experimental dance happening, exploring and reframing the aesthetic ideas of RAVE.

Unraveling the distinctions between choreography and musical performance, between dancers and the public, inviting everyone to participate in an immersive sound and body experience. UNraveL blurs the lines between a party and performance event, subverting the progression of a wild night out into a container for colourful artistic propositions.

► Musique / Music:

Ouri (DJ)
M0llygum / Seven Yuan (DJ)
YlangYlang (live)

► Visuels / Visuals:

► Danse / Dance:
Stephen John and Alexe Lebel-Faille
Thierry Huard
Anne-Flore de Rochambeau
Jean-benoit Labrecque
Andrea Peña
Georges Stamos
Winnie Ho

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