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The CCOV invites you to our unique version of a Sunday Brunch! A local chef creates 3 dishes to pair with 3 performances of works in progress by invited dance artists: 

Come and awaken your senses and curiosity, while discovering the aspirations and surprise menus of each chef.  For all involved. it will be a chance to test out new ideas, take risks and engage in spontaneous and experimental exchanges with the public


Cuisine Labo #1

Chef: Swaneige Bertrand (Traditional indigenous catering).

Performers: Be Heintzman Hope, Axelle Muzenero, Peter Jasko

Cuisine Labo #2

Chef: Beaver Shepard (OK Poké)

Performers: Nien Tzu Weng, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Stacey Désilier

Cuisine Labo #3

Chef: Nantha Kumar (Traditional Malaysian cuisine)

Performers: Valerie "Taminator" Chartrand, Maxine Segalowitz, Louis-Elyan Martin

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