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Located in the heart of Montreal’s Place des Arts, the Centre de Création O Vertigo – CCOV provides dance artists with access to its studio, a space devoted entirely to experimentation and creation. With its short- and long-term residency programs, it allows local artists to produce high-quality, world-class works. The CCOV also presents a number of outreach and promotional activities for members of the dance community and public at large: performances, labs, traineeships, roundtables, etc., which make the CCOV a focal point for exchanges and artistic reflections, an incubator and catalyst for ideas and new talent.

4 main streams of programming

Long Term Residencies - Every two years, a different artist is given two years to create a large scale project produced buy the CCOV destined for big stages locally, nationally. and internationally.

Short Term Residencies:  12-17 simple and technical residencies awarded per year, in addition to two live in, week long residencies at partnership venue Notre-Dame-des-Praries in the regions of Quebec.

Associate Artist Program: A tailor made program to support the development of promising emerging artists who currently lack the organizational infrastructure to realize the level of activities they are being solicited for. The CCOV helps with communication, production and touring support for the 2 current associates Daina Ashbee and Alan Lake.

Cultural Outreach and Public Events:  Innovative public events that stimulate a conversation around creative process. Unique contexts that encourage counters between artists around practice sharing and important issues within the dance scene.

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