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With its theme of “(re) MIX,” the 15th edition of the Montreal Nuit Blanche encourages new and unusual collaborations, ephemeral artistic fusions and unexpected encounters. To further it's goal of sharing and collaboration, the CCOV has turned to the arts centre PERTE DE SIGNAL to collaborate on the conception of body_code, an experiential laboratory at the crossroads of dance, performance, music, design, science and technology.

The CCOV’s contribution to the 2018 Montreal Nuit Blanche is an artistic marriage between 6 dancers from different backgrounds and influences (contemporary and urban dance, seasoned and emerging dancers) and 4 digital artists with distinct specializations (mapping, projection, coding, sound immersion).

With the following dancers:
7STARR, Angie Cheng, Jeff Hall, Louise Michel Jackson, Simon Portigal, Elie-Anne Ross 

and digital artists:
Cinzia C, Maxime Damecour, Naoto Hieda, Lucas Paris 

body_code, a visual dialogue with the public

During this special evening, spectators will undergo a unique experience in which their relationship with the “black box” of a dance studio is transformed into a vibrant, participatory and immersive space. The public will be plunged into a world unto itself, ruled by ephemerality and improvisation. 

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